Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Chaudhary & Sons Construction Co. values that we provide, without question, is the standard of behaviour by which we conduct business.  These values are the heart, soul and character of the company. Our code embodies the vision of our company founders and encompasses the values that have been and will continue to be vital to the future success of the company.   

The following eight ethical core values represent the cornerstone of our Code of Conduct. While achieving these high standards may be difficult to attain, we none the less aspire to live our Lives and Conduct our business with:

1.      Honesty

      Be truthful, accurate and straight forward 
Be candid and non-deceptive in communication and conduct.

2.      Integrity

          Maintain consistency between yours beliefs and your behaviour – walk your talk! Have the courage to contend boldly for what which is right and reject firmly that which is wrong.

3.     Fairness

       Endeavor to be reasonable, open-minded, impartial, even-handed, and non-discriminatory in all your dealings.

Genuinely partner and actively collaborate with and outside the company.

Maintain, without deviation, an attitude of sincerity, tolerance, consideration and assistance towards others, regardless of position.

4.      Accountability

        Accept responsibility for your own actions or inactions and for those whom you supervise. Take prompt and constructive steps to correct mistakes/defects. Promote teamwork by holding each other accountable-rejecting behaviours inconsistent with this Code of Conduct.

5.     Consideration of Others

       Practice the principles of Golden Rule.

          Respect the dignity, rights, safety and personal property of others.

          Be open to the ideas and opinions of others.

          Exercise patience and remain positive under all circumstances.

Assure that those whom your supervise are not put in compromising situations.        

6.     Pursuit of Excellence

Consistently apply diligence, perseverance, attention to detail and good work habits to ensure quality projects and excellent customer service.

7.     Reliability

Only make realistic commitments and follow-through on the commitments you make. Be prompt and responsive in business dealings within and outside the company.

8.     Citizenship

Comply with all governmental laws, rules and regulations. Show consideration for the safety and welfare of everyone.

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